Syed Noor in ‘Brunch with Bushra’

Today I got chance to view Bushra Ansari’s Sunday talk show ‘Brunch with Bushra’ on Geo TV. In ths programme, she invites a new guest from Showbiz every week. This week Syed Noor was the guest. Bushra greeted him warmly and askde very good questions. Mr. Noor, who is a real talented Lollywood Film Director replied her questions in a very charming way that made the programme a beautiful one as it was shooted close to the Valentine’s Day (yesterday).

Syed Noor - King of Lollywood

Bushra asked the most difficult questions, especially about Noor’s second marriage with Saima, in a very light and polite manner. It showed her groomed and appreciable talent of hosting such talk shows. Syed Noor assured his fans that he would be direcing and producing some real good movies with innovative ideas that will help promoting the Lollywood movies in the young generation. He added that he had recently started his new film academy in Lahore and was hiring young people from National College of Arts (NCA) graduates for his forthcoming projects. Later, Singer Humaira Arshad sung two songs from Mr. Noor’s hit movies Sangam and Choorrian that made the programme memorable.

We wish Mr. Noor a very good success in his future endeavours.



  1. hei i am really not finding this program any where even not at youtube i dont have GEO tv soory plz give this to youtube plzzzzzzzzzz

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