Islam: The religion of peace…..

Islam - The true religion

Islam - The true religion

Today I am writing on a very sensitive issue. In the recent few years we have been introduced to a new term: Muslim terrorirsts. This is very sad that now terrorists are being categorised on the basis of their religious beliefs. I mean that if someone is born into a Muslim family and he doesn’t know anything about the religion how we can call him a good Muslim. Similarly as many European men and women work in pornographic movies, we cannot call them as Christian prostitutes, because it is their personal act for which their religion cannot be blamed. Similarly when some frustrated man enters into a school in the United States and opens fire, due to which innocent children are killed, he must not be blamed on the basis of his faith.

Islam is a beautiful religion in which the believers are told to bow their head in front of Allah (the Creator) five times a day. Islam stresses on men offering their prayers in gatherings (in masjids) so that they can meet each other and get knowledge about their problems. In this way they can help each other. Islam never allows to kill even a single person who is innocent and has not killed anybody else. Islam puts great stress on respecting the elders, children and females. Even in war, no Muslim is allowed to attck on those who are not fighting. Whereas Jews in Palestine kill innocent people including elders, women and children. In Islam, Jihad (religious fight) is only allowed for defence. Islam never allows to captivate innocent people.

It is the beauty of Islam that in Islamic countries people have a good family system. Parents live with their children in their old age and children give them due respect. Similarly there is no concept of having children without marriage, which is a common trend in Western coutries today. Also the divorce ratio in Muslim states is very low as compared with the Western societies. Islam has given respect to the females, whereas in West, they are being used for the entertainment of men only.

Unfortunately, in a reaction to the unidirectional and biased US policies, some people start reacting in a way that brings bad name to Islam. They are angry just because previously USA was their supporter during Afghanistan-Russia war. USA supplied them with arms for fighting against Russia. Later when USA invaded into Afghanistan and Iraq and started killing innocent people, they got furious on seeing the mass killing. Similarly US policy on Palestine issue is a major reason taht has brought the whole world into danger. USA never stopped or even condemned Israel on killing the innocent children. USA always supported their actions. But nobody blames Christianity on this. USA does not like that any Islamic country should have atomic programmes, but has no objection on the same for non-Islamic countries. This is a double policy that is creating hatred in the Muslims allover the world.

All the think tanks must consider these things otherwise this earth will remain not a safe place for any human being.


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