Islamabad High Court releases national hero

At least Allah (swt) listened to the prayers of Pakistani nation and Islamabad High Court released national hero Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan from unjusitified and illegal house imprisonment. He was taken into custody (house arrest) in 2004, when that time dictator Pervaiz Musharraf forced him to accept that he had been involved in the illegal selling of atomic formulae to Iran and South Korea. Later in 2008, Dr. Khan in his interviewed denied these allegations and told that he had to admit these false accuses just because of the pressure put on him by some Army generals.

Dr. A.Q. Khan

Dr. A.Q. Khan

On 6th February 2009 after a period of 5 years, finally IHC took this great decision and declared Dr. Khan as an independent citizen of Pakistan. Dr. Khan showed great dignity and humbleness at the occasion and said that he would not give any comment against anybody. He added that he wanted to forget the past and devote himself for research and study for rest of his life.

We love Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan and pray to Allah to give him good health and more respect…Amin!


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