Turkish Prime Minister – New hero of the Muslim World!

Great Leader of the Islamic World!

Great Leader of the Islamic World!

Turkish Prime Minister Mr. Rajab Tayyeb Erdogan (رجب طیب اردگان) is the new hero of Muslim world. He was attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. When Israeli President Shimon Peres defended Israel’s attacks on Gaza and put the responsibility of killing more than 1000 palestinians on Hamas, Turkish Premier stormed off the stage (during a panel discussion on January 29).

Peres had asked what Erdogan would do if rockets were being fired at innocent civilians in Turkey. As he spoke, Peres raised his voice and pointed his finger at Erdogan.

“What would any country do? What would you do if you would have in Istanbul every night 10 rockets, or 100 rockets?” Peres asked.

In the strongest public criticism of Israel by a Turkish head of government in years, Erdogan responded: “President Peres, you are older than I am and you have a very strong voice. I feel that you perhaps feel guilty and that’s why perhaps you are using such a strong voice. My voice won’t be that high, to be sure.

“When it comes to killing, you [Israel] know well how to kill people,” he continued. “I remember the children whom you [Israel] killed on beaches, and I remember two former prime ministers in your country who said to me that they felt very happy when they were able to enter Palestine in tanks.” (Source: http://www.rferl.org/content/Turkish_PM_Shows_New_ForeignPolicy_Assertiveness_At_Davos/1376933.html)

Arab world is very happy on the reaction of Turkish Premier and their newspaper and analysts are saying that such an action had to be done by the Arab leaders, which has been done by the Turkish PM. Mr. Tayyeb was warmly welcomed on his arrival in Anqara and people inspite of severe cold weather gathered at the airport, holding Palestinian flags, to welcome their hero.


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