Aamir Khan – No. 1 actor after release of Ghajani

Aamir - a wonderful actor!

Aamir - a wonderful actor!

Gone are the days when Shahrukh Khan was the only ‘King’ in Bollywood. Aamir Khan is back with Ghajani and has proved that he is the real no. 1. Aamir has done a great job and it was a very difficult role to play. Aamir did the right justice with this very different type of character, a person who has short term memory and forgets everything after 15 minutes. Aamir is hero against Asin who is a new girl from Tamil Nadu. She also has acted beautifully.

Aamir is seen a very rich man in the movie and the girl (Asin) doesn’t know this reality. He takes him as a poor man. Aamir has played two-folded role in this regard. On one side he is shown a real stylish rich man and on the other side he has to pretend that he is just an ordinary person. Aamir has played both characters beautifully. Above all he had to make his body like weight lifters for the demand 0f this film. Aamir also got bald for the same. He told media in his interview that he never charges to the film makers for the amount spent on his get up for the movies. Aamir is really a great actor and is the real Bollywood Best Actor for year 2008.


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