Expectations from Barack Obama

Newly elected US President Mr. Barack Obama is going to take his charge tomorrow ( 20 Jan 2009 ). Whole world is looking towards this very important moment. Due to immature policies of the former US President Mr. George W. Bush today the whole world is suffering. There is fire everywhere and noone is secure, although Bush claims that he has made US a real secure place.

Barack Hussein Obama - The New US President

Barack Hussein Obama - The New US President

Obama’s victory has brought a hope for the people who had lost the same during Bush’s reign. President Obama has also given hints in his speeches and interviews that present US policies must be changed. However till now he has not stated clearly that what he will be doing to face many challenges including the worst financial crunch. Muslim world is also expecting some good gesture from Obama as he is son of a Muslim father. The Muslim countries are hopeful that he will change present US policy on the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Similarly Palestinian people are also expecting some good steps from Obama regarding their tensions with Israel. Pakistani people are hopeful that US will stop targetting Pakistani areas by their drones and the country will improve its relation with India with  cooperation of the US government.

Hope for the best and keep faith that a good time will come very soon insha Allah.


One comment

  1. Democrats have always proved better than Republicans. Clinton’s period was peaceful just like Reagon’s. However, Sr. Bush and Junior Bush put all world into wars and shed blood of innocents.

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