Zardari and his team playing with the country

These days Pakistan is undergoing a very tense situation. Our relations with our neighbouring super power India have highly effected after the Mumbai blasts. It was expected that the leadership of Pakistan will show seriousness and maturity in bringing the situation in a better shape, however they have been doing serious mistakes after the Indian response on these attacks in which India blamed Pakistan and asked us to arrest and hand over the culprits to Indian government behind the attacks. Pakistani government first agreed to send ISI Chief to India as per their demand. Later on Army Chief’s interruption this decision was taken back.

A few days back when Major General (r) Mahmood Ali Durrani, National Security Advisor of Pakistan, issued a statement in which he confirmed that the captured militant Ajmal Qasab is Pakistani citizen; made Prime Minister Gillani angry and got immediately fired from his position. This cleared it that Ajmal Qasab was Pakistani as per Indian claim.


Information Minister Sherry Rehman also agreed it on the same thing but she was not fired. Such things are showing that the PPP government is not taking mature decisions and they lack in the professionalism required to run a country…. President Zardari is more powerful than the Prime Minister and the government has to obey him. Pakistan is just like a ship with two captains…..Allah help us in this time… Amin!


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