The picture says all……

Tears of the innocent girls of Gaza......

Tears of the innocent girls of Gaza......

This picture shows two little innocent Palestinian girls, who are weeping because of pain after getting wounded due to Israeli attack…..

For USA and other supporters of Israel, this is an eye-opener!




  1. I am from Lahore Pakistan , really don’t have words to express my feelings .. That pictures sketches the Massacre of Israel ,heart cries.
    We Muslims should help those innocent People of Palestine …
    Allah Is watching .. and will do Justice

  2. we should all be in one handd:S:S!!this picture really really painfull!!!wat israel is doinn!!! is simply not smthin called humanity!!why do they kill innocent children?!wat did they do to them?!!why do they have to kill them ,,there still kids out there tht has worst situations!!
    all i can say is may god help them!! ma heart with them….and id sucrifice ma soul to those adorable kidss!

  3. Couldn’t ignore the picture, as it was recommended to me by Google. I’d like to quote Immortal Technique and say: “A man who walks with God can walk anywhere”.
    May God watch those who seek his help.

  4. i am from maldives .all over the world muslims are sulghterings.arabic countrys arte silents.

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