US silent over Israeli crimes in Gaza

Once again US has proved that it does not mind of killing of innocent Muslim children by the brutal Jewish soldiers of Israel. When the whole world is criticising Israel for doing so, US Government has shown its fullest support to Israel and did not ask Israel to even avoid attacking the schools. UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon has strongly condemned Israel’s recent attacks and has asked them to stop killing innocent children. Now we can easily understand that Jews and Christians (governments) are united against Muslims. Quran tells us that they can never be our friends, which has proved true by this action.

UN website)

Secretary-General addresses press at UNHQ, New York, on the situation in Gaza - 29 December 2008 (Picture courtesy: UN website)

Muslim countries lack unity due to which Israel is killing their Islamic brothers, sisters and kids. Otherwise it is impossible to do so in the presence of 22 Arab countries around Israel. They are just holding processions and meetings to condemn Israel. israel is not paying attention to the requests made by the UN and other countries.

We can only pray to Allah to bless us with unity and faith so that the Israelis can be pushed out of Gaza and innocent Palestinians can live their lives in a safer environment.

Recently a Saudi Muslim Scholar has issued a Fatwa (فتوی) in which has has said that now Muslims must kill any Israeli around them. This will definitely give spark to a new issue as people who take Muslims as terrorists will support their argument in the light of this fatwa. Anyways, when the whole world fails to stop Israel, such emotions are unavoidable and the deprived people can do anything. It is the time when the world has to do something about this very serious issue, otherwise the battle between the Muslims and Jewish terrorists will start world over…..


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