Goodbye 2008, Welcome 2009

200831st December 2008, last day of the year……..

Another year is departing and a new year is coming with new hopes and expectations. On start of every new year we think that world will change. There will be no war, no more killings, no hunger, no more earthquakes, no more dirty politics, blah, blah blah……

2008 can be regarded as a year of change. In Pakistan, Musharraf left the president house and new democratic government took the charge. But now we can easily see that there is no change in the situation, rather the situation got worse. Chief Justice of Pakistan and Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan could not get justice. Law and order situation detiriorated further. Our relations with our neighbour India also got effected after Mumbai attacks.

Similarly very high inflation, increasing crimes and too long load shedding also affected country in a vwery bad manner. In USA, a major change came when first black American Barak Hussein Obama won the presidential election. His victory was welcomed worldover. Outgoing US President George W. Bush had to face an embarrassing situation in Iraq during his last official visit when an Iraqi journalist threw his shoes on the American President and also called bad name. Bush escaped the attacks but one of the shoes hit US flag behind President Bush.

In the last week of 2008, Israel attacked Gaza (Ghaza) and killed more than 300 innocent Palestinians. These attacks are still going on. Palestians’ independence movement Hamas has announced that these attacks will be replied. So this is really sad that poor Palestinians will welcome 2009 under fire….. UNO and other countries have asked Israel to stop the attacks but all in vain.

I wish that 2009 bring prosperity and happiness for every good humanbeing who believes in love, faith and humanity. I also wish that Pakistan could come out of the crises in the new year. Allah bless us with UNITY, FAITH and DISCIPLINE…Amin!

Wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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