Israeli rascals killing innocent Palestinian Muslims

Burning Ghaza

Burning Ghaza

Now I can very easily understand why Quran has told us not to make friendship with the Jews. Israel is the worst country in this world. Recently they have started killing poor and innocent Palestinian people again. They are throwing bombs on Ghaza, which is a populated area. They are targetting ‘Hamas’ according to their statement but have killed more than 300 innocent people in just two days.

Palestinians and other Muslims are protesting allover the world. UNO has also condemned this act of brutality…but all in vain…. Whole world got concerned when Mumbai was attacked a few days back because India is a non-Muslim state, but nobody takes serious action when its matter of Muslims. I am sure that insha Allah time will come when Israel will be desolved and they will not able to collect their dead bodies even.




  1. Wake up Muslims, You would be laughing somewhere when your brother in Palestine would be brutalised.Why should we look forward to organisations like UN,who themselves are just a mob of jews and christians. Muslims are not a minority in this world.

  2. Israelis are the worst of dogs and the worst of pigs..a day will come when they will be conquered n defeated n there will be no mercy for them.

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