Death anniversary of Benazir Bhutto

1st death anniversary of Benazir Bhutto

1st death anniversary of Benazir Bhutto

Today its 27th December 2008. One year passed after Benazir’s assassination on the same date last year. She was indeed a courageous leader who came to her country inspite of death threats. She played a vital role in the restoration of democracy and it was she who compelled Musharraf to put off his uniform.

Unfortunately she could not see the democratic government of PPP and left this world. Pakistan Peoples Party got benefit due to her shahadat and won the elections. After getting the power PPP forgot her message and did not restore the judiciary, which was a commitment of brave Benazir Bhutto-Daughter of the east. Today her party is losing its respect and value as people leading PPP are not sincere with the country and its citizens at all. They have not leant lessons from their past and this is the worst time in the history of Pakistan that the inflation rate is at its peak and we are getting war threats from India. All the country is suffering the worst loadshedding. If Benazir would have survived, Pakistan could be in a much better condition today as she was a real genius who had a vision. We pray to Allah Almighty for being kind with her soul.


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