Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Today (25 December 2008 ) is Christmas and it is being celebrated allover the world. I have just landed in Dubai from Lahore after availing my annual vacation. Sitting in my office, as it is a working day in UAE, I was thinking what to write after a short cum long break. Christmas is a real great festival that is not celebrated only by the Christians, but other people also celebrate this event. For example my little daughters, who don’t know much more about religions as they are too young, were anxiously waiting to see the Christmas tree at the Dubai Airport. They were asking me that when they would get their gifts from Santa Clause. I really loved their feelings for this festival and its related things.

In my opinion, we can spread love in this world by telling our kids good things about other faiths and their believers. I wish all my readers a very warm Christmas as this day is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ (Hadhrat Issa A.S), who is a great Prophet of Allah (SWT) and will come again according to Bible and Quran. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also prophesised about his arrival before the judgement day. We must congratulate our Christian friends on this great day and tell them that we are against any terrorism and believe in the teachings of both great Prophets of Allah.


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