Iraqi journalist throws shoes on President Bush

Shoe attack on US President

Shoe attack on US President

Yestaerday US President George W. Bush was holding a press briefing along with Iraqi Prime Minister in Baghdad, where he arrived a short ago to pay his last visit before leaving the White House.

While President Bush was on the rosterm and was giving the briefing, an Iraqi journalist Muntazir Al Zaidi threw his shoe on him. President Bush escaped the attack by moving his head suddenly.

Soon after this attack before any action by the security staff, the journalist threw his second shoe on the President Bush. President escaped this as well. Security personnel immediately gathered and grabbed the journalist, who was taken into custody.

The jouranalist declared his act as a gift on President Bush’s departure from the White House. This act was condemned by the Iraqi government, whereas people protested to release the journalist. President Bush gave a funny statement by saying that shoe had a size of ‘number 10’. Its a matter of serious concern for US government that they have no support in Iraq. Thrown shoes hit US flag on the back and did not touch the Iraqi flags having Muslim Kalma on them.


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