Worst Inflation in Pakistan

We landed at Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore on the morning of 3rd December 2008. I was very happy to see my family after a period of 10 months. In the next two days my happiness got vanished as I visited a famous bakery in DHA Lahore for purchasing a 2 pound non-cream chocolate cake. It costed me Rs. 280. Its price was Rs. 180 in February 2008. Then when I got my car filled with gas it costed me Rs. 308, whereas I used to pay around Rs. 190 for the same amount of gas in February. Me and my brother tried to get a goat for sacifying on Eid-ul-Dhuha. Last year people were unhappy as the goat was available at about Rs. 6500-7000. This year I came to know that price for the similar type of goat is about Rs. 13,000.

I am afriad to see the extremely high inflation in Pakistan. All products are very expensive now and life has become too much tough here. On the other hand our government has no attention towards this very serious issue and our cabinet size has beaten all the records. VIP culture is prevailing. Rich are getting richer and poor are getting deprived from the very basic necessaties like milk, bread and transportation. Allah may help us otehrwise I fear that a riot can break anytime which will not be controlled by our sleeping rulers.


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