Indian Ex-Army Man speaks in Meray Mutabiq

Bharat Verma

Bharat Verma

Capt. (R) Bharat Verma is the editor of Indian Defence Review. A quarterly journal read by leading policy makers at senior bureaucratic, political and military levels, the IDR is renowned as the “most-quoted Indian defence publication”. Last night he was on air with Dr. Shahid Masood in his programme “Meray Mutabiq”. Dr. Shahid Masood was asking his views on the recent Mumbai blasts. Unfortunately, Capt. Bharat showed a very aggresive attitude which cannot be appreciated at all. He said that it was planned by the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and they sent their trained guys to Mumbai for creating terror. Dr. Shahid Masood pointed out that India showed too much hassle in raising fingure towards Pakistan without any proper evidence but Capt. (R) Bharat insisted on this baseless statement. He showed very angry attitude against Pakistan and said that India must have taken strict action against Pakistan to avoid such attacks.

I felt sad on hearing views of a so called journalist who is also a retired Army personnel. However, his two statements were very much true that were like a shame for us. he told that in India no Chief Justice has been slained ever like in Pakistan. Similarly, he added that US can attack in Pakistani areas anytime but not in India.

Our Pakistani Government must consider these points very seriously, and restore Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry without any further delay. Similarly Government must talk to US in a strong tone to stop these attacks, due to which now our neighbouring country India is making joke of us.

Indian Government should carry out full unbiast investigation and then blame Pakistan if we are found guilty, which we are not as I believe. Pakistan is itself facing terrorism due to the US created WAR ON TERROR. It cannot play such politics at this critical time.


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  1. Mr. Bharat Verma was indeed a shame for all journalists. He seems to be a Hindu fanatic and sadly many like him are still in the Indian Army. But I also fault Dr. Shahid Masood who was taken aback by the initial onslaught by Mr. Verma. Probably Dr. Shahid was still trying to find his feet after the recent ‘incidents’ that did not show him in good light. He should have immediately struck back with the Samjhota Express incident and when Mr. Verma tried to side track the issue Dr. Shahid should have reminded him that important players of that event have been killed in the recent Mumbai attacks. It was like killing more than two birds with one stone!
    In so far as you mention the Chief Justice issue let me say that even in India many judges had been ‘slained'(sic) when a junior judge (I believe it was Justice A.N. Ray) was made the Chief Justice of India. The manner was not as terrible and done so daringly and illegally as was done by Musharraf.
    All this should not be construed as my not being a supporter of Justice Chaudhry.

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