Dr. Shahid Masood jumping back to GEO

Unfortunately there are some persons who just live for money. Dr. Shahid Masood, a well known TV anchor, is also one of them. He earned a good repute from his programme Meray Mutabiq, which was telecast from GEO TV. He was famous for his bold and true statements against General Musharraf and other culprits. Later, he shook hand with General Musharraf and joined state owned TV channel PTV as its Managing Director. Pakistani people were shocked to hear this news.

shahid-masoodSome days back, he resigned from PTV and joined PPP government as Special Advisor to the Prime Minister. After a few days of his joining, he resigned from this position as well.

Now GEO TV is showing clips of his programme Meray Mutabiq and informing that Dr. Shahid Masood is coming back to GEO with this programme very soon. This is indeed an immature act by Dr. Masood. It seems that he is interested only in money making by jumping here and there. Let us see that now what he says in his first programme.


  1. I will welcome all comments, but please be polite in your comments as I did not approve two comments, which contained harsh language. Anyone who supports Dr. Shahid Masood is welcome but he/she should not try to personal with me or anyone else. Thanks!

  2. Yeh Aik Achi Kahabar hy, Dr. Shahb k ab Experience ho gia ho ga k Practical Politics kya hoti hy. lekin aik baat manay wali k Dr. Shahb Sonay ki anday deenay wali murgi hy, jabhi in ki itni demand hy. best of luck. yeh mulk nahi tu yeh awam zaror app ki dewani hy.

  3. Please dont blame him
    he joined ptv becoz they blocked the geo transmission
    they started to threat him.

    he is the only person who actually tells the truth of paki politics neither kamran khan or hamid mir can do that.

    I know going to ptv was a bad move but just consider that he is also a human being and we all know that humans are not perfect. In my opinion his move to come back to geo is good, at least he didnot join corrupt people in PTV to make money and took a stand to go against corrupt peoples.

  4. I like Dr. Shahid Masood ,he’s a good human being, Most of us are just living for the money.we are all materalistic,anyways wellcome back to GEO.

  5. I like Dr. Shahid as he one of those who left all the attractive options and came back straight to “GEO”.

    Our whole system is so badly in terms if anyone who try to enter in the sense to correct it will badly hurt himslelf. The same thing happened to Dr. Shahid.

  6. Geo people are very intelligent. They gave Dr. Shahid Masood tough lesson in Jawab Deyh and hence justified his opology and confession by re-continuing his programme.

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