Punjab Law Minister exposes pictures of Governor Taseer family

Governor of Punjab and others drinking in a party

Governor of Punjab and others drinking in a party

The ongoing battle between the Governor of Punjab Mr. Salman Taseer and the PML-N led Punjab Government entered into a new phase yesterday when Rana Sana Ullah (law minister of Punjab) showed some controvercial pictures of Governor and his family members to the press people, in which they have been shown doing non-Islamic acts in the Governor House and other places. These pictures are available on the internet and people are exchanging them through emails. Rana Sana Ullah said that it was shameful that if a poor man drunk alcohol he would be punished, but Governor and his family were doing such acts openly in the Governor House and they must have been brought to the trial for doing so. Later PPP leaders expressed their anger over this act. They warned that they could also expose PML-N leadership if such acts of insulting the leaders would continue.

Its really sad for us that our so called leaders are involved in such practices. I also have seen these pictures, however I am not putting them here as this forum is not made to expose someone’s personal life. But I was shocked to see the pictures as the whole family of Mr. Salman Taseer is shown in these pictures doing objectionable acts. On the other side PPP leaders claim that it has been done by using Photoshop or other picture editing software. Allah knows the best.



  1. Its really sad for us that our so called leaders are involved in such practices,,,,Salman Taseer shame on you !!!!!!!!!!!!!he should be punished,,,,,,Govt should take action against him,the ppl like Taseer and Ahmad mukhtar are useless.

  2. dont worry frends if u feel sad on this just forward it to any of ppp jeala he will justify all this ,,like they did the meeting of zardari and sara paulin….
    ITs normal…..like they justified umrah of 324 ppl in IMAMAT of zardari so dont get worried.
    just relax and enjoy..
    Is it democratic representation of 16 Crore IDIOTS???????????

  3. Raja Riaz, Senior Minister from PPP in Punjab, has informed that these pictures were taken two years back in a function of World Call (Salman Tasser’s company) in Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore. He also added that the pictures of dancing girls are from the wedding ceremony of Salman Taseer’s elder daughter. But he could not defend drinking and dressing of the family.

  4. People of Pakistan, please look at what means and measures our Rulers are resorting to. Are they not fighting like immature college teens. Just imagine what impression of Pakistan and Islam these actions reflect internationally. Doing a sin is wrong but spreading word about it is also wrong and what for.

    Lets us all focus on OUR OWN DEEDS first and then comment on what others do. Let us all work together for this country. Let us all come forward on the basis of our Merit and Merit alone and not by making sure the stature of others is lowered. If you ask me, this whole fiasco is really funny and not in a laughable sense at all.

  5. Wake up Muslims, its not the time to be silent just kick out these bloody leaders…
    how embarrassing it is for the 16 crore people of Pakistan.. May ALLAH teach them a lesson or destroy them with his power, for the people only that are not sincere with Pakistan AMIN….

  6. Leaders are always consider to be a symbol and feel pleasure to follow them, hence the act of salman taseer in a public gathering is highly objectionable.

  7. rabbiea..
    agar inney khuda ka khooof hota tou aj pakistan iss halat mein naw hota…

  8. Asssalamu Alaikum, all. To put in short:
    Child life style developes from his parents.
    Mother is the 1st source of education starting from birth. Both of Deen and Duniya.
    Masjid is 2nd source of education to learn how to live a life of both Deen and Duniya (if taught) with accountabilty to Al-Mighty.
    Madrassa/School is 3rd source of education and should be of both Deen and not just of Duniya.
    All have failed miserably starting with Mothers.
    Leaders are the reflection of Ummah as Allah says in Al-Quran.
    This society needs all 3 ‘Ms’ (Mothers, Masajid and Madrasas) to change to bring change in Ummah and in this Society, InshaAllah.
    In order to change one has to start with himself, InshaAllah. May Allah help us, Ameen. JazakAllah Khair, Shukran Jazeelan, Wassalam.

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