GEO and ARY transmission blocked in Sindh

Yesterday it was 17th November 2008, the anniversary of GEO TV banning last year by Musharraf. Pakistani people got a new ‘surprise’ when they heard the news that transmission of GEO TV and ARY Digital got blocked in many cities of Sindh including Karachi. The management of both private channels approached the government and asked that why the cable operators had stopped these channels. Federal Minister Sherry Rehman told that she had no idea about it. She and her other fellow ministers conedmned the act. On the other hand MQM leaders also condemned this act and showed that they were not involved in it. Later Sherry Rehman took action and got the trnasmission restored. Its really very sad that electric media in Pakistan is still not independent and is facing such brutal acts in a democratic government. Obviously its MQM behind this acts as in Sindh and especially in Karachi they have full hold on all cable operators.




We condemn their shameful act and hope that a day will come when people of Sindh will not vote them in the elections. At the same time we also suggest that GEO and ARY must not promote Indian showbiz and vulgarity. These days a Pakistani pop song ‘Gul Sunn’ video is being telecast on GEO, in which the female model is wearing a low-neck shirt. This is really very sad that GEO TV is showing such things just for earning money.

One comment

  1. i condemn the shameful act of the ppls who did this. i hope this Govt will not do the same that perivious Mushi’s Gvot had done with media.The news media refers to the section of the mass media that focuses on presenting current news to the public.”””””GEO aur gene DOO

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