Imran Khan – the greatest player in Pakistan Cricket

I remember the date of 25th March 1992, when Pakistan was playing final of the World Cup against England in beautiful Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). Pakistan won this match and the whole nation was overjoyed. Nobody could imagine that Pakistan would reach into the final due to its poor performances in the early matches. It was the captaincy of Imran Khan, which made our players as a TEAM.

Imran Khan - a real hero

Imran Khan - a real hero

Imran Khan debuted for Pakistan in 1971 and went on to play 88 Tests and 175 ODIs for them. He captained Pakistan in 48 Tests, and 139 ODIs, winning a huge percentage of matches he captained in. He can be regarded as one of the best allrounders in the world. Lower back injuries forced him to retire after the 1987 World Cup, but in 1988, he returned to the team to lead them to play and win Test series against West Indies. Imran Khan retired from the game immediately after the 1992 WC.

Imran Khan was the first bowler from Pakistan who got more than 300 test wickets. Following are his statistics:

Test Cricket: 88 Matches, 126 Innings, 3,807 Runs, 362 Wickets, Six 100’s and eighteen (18) 50’s

ODI’s: 175 Matches, 151 Innings, 3,709 Runs, 182 Wickets, one 100’s and nineteen (19) 50’s

In his captaincy, Pakistan played 48 test matches, won 14 and lost 8. Out of 139 ODI’s, Pakistan won 75, lost 59 and one match resulted in Tie.

No doubt Pakistan Cricket lovers will remember him always as a real hero.



  1. Hi big B Imran. I was your fan since 1987 when you came to India with the team and won the series against India. that makes me your fan and I have changed my bowling Action and make copy of your bowling style. and i have seen many of your matches. but now I miss you and those moment. kindly send to me 1992 world cup final match C D. that i can see anytime. if you are possitive then i will give to you my postal address.

  2. put the video of 1992 world cup final winning moment or full final match.
    Anupam Christie

  3. Hi Imran bhai.You are great and will be even great if you just return the moments of 1992.How wonderful it was!!Oh yaar,how i miss it!

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