Some beautiful TV commercials of 80’s

Today I remembered some TV ads of 80’s that were shown on PTV. These ads were so beautifully concepted and shot that even today I enjoy remembering them. In 80’s Coca Cola and Pepsi made some very nice ads that introduced new sports in Pakistan.

Pepsi is the company that has credit of introducing frisbee in Pakistan for the 1st time. Their ad showed youngsters playing frisbee. The ad had a jingle ‘You are the Pepsi generation……Come on come on come on and have a Pepsi day’. This ad got great popularity and within days frisbee became a very popular sport in Pakistan.

Coca Cola has always been a competitor of Pepsi. How could they allow Pepsi to rule alone…. They prepared a very beautiful ad in which young children were shown playing football. The jingle was ‘Coke is it…Coca Cola is it’. This ad also got very popular.
Other interesting ad was of a powder milk ‘Safety’ in which children were shown in racing cars and a child who drinks Safety Milk wins the race. Similarly ad of drink ‘Naurus’ became very popular with its main line ‘Bhool naa jana phir papa..Naurus lay ker ghar aana’.

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