Obama – change in US!

Obama - the new US President

Obama - the new US President

Today I will like to congratulate the whole world that US citizens showed their wisdom and broad mindness in selecting a real deserving person for the White House. US citizens have shown that they dont believe in colour, race or family background for the highest position of their country. This is the CHANGE that Obama had promissed to bring. All over the world people have welcomed the newly elected US President. Obama is a person who represents the black coloured people and people from Islamic and Christian faiths as his father was Muslim and mother was a Christian. In this time, such a person can help in bringing people from different origins close to each others. That is the hope due to which Muslims community has supported him in the election.

Barack Hussein Obama also has announced that the US forces will be pulled back from Afghanistan and Iraq very soon. We are looking forward for this action as it has proved also very bad for the USA.

President Bush’s policies on war on terror have flopped and now its the time when US citizens want something better for them and their country.

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