Obama Vs McCain – Who’ll be the next US President?


John McCain and Barack Obama (picture courtesy:cnn.com)

Today US people will select their new president for next 4 years. Barack Hussain Obama and John Obama are contesting for this most important position in the world politics.

Senator Obama is the candidate from Democratics, whereas John McCain is the representative of Republicans. Recent surveys have shown Obama in a better position. However, racism is still a factor that can play its role even in the most liberal and developed American society. Obama is ‘black’ and his origin is from Kenya. Also he beolngs to a family where many people are Muslims. His own name is Barack Hussain Obama, although he is a Christian. If he is selected, he has desired to change the policies of Mr. George W. Bush on war on terror as his policies have proved wrong for the US. McCain is not criticising Bush’s policies as he is from his party, but he is also saying that if he is selected he will focus on the issues related to the present crisis.

Let us see who wins this bettle and moves to the White House for the next 4 years.


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