Dubai – a real cosmopolitan city uniting Asians and Europeans

If I say that inspite of the traffic and accommodation issues, Dubai has become the favourite place for Asians and Europeans, I am not telling anything wrong. Tax free good income, peaceful environment and beautiful shopping malls have made Dubai a place where people dream to live. Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan, Tennis queen Maria Sharapova and many other have their own houses here and visit this great city for shopping and relaxing.

Burj Dubai - world's tallest structureDubai has its own very unique culture. It is  a fusion of Arabic, Indo-Pak sub continent and European cultures. Local Arab people have a loving and welcoming nature in general. People live here peacefully and respect the privacy of each other. Sheikh Zayed Road can be termed as one of the most beautiful boulevards in the world. It has countless number of beautiful buildings. Dubai’s latest landmark Burj Dubai, which will be the tallest building of the world after its construction in 2009, is located on Sheikh Zayed Road. Other attrations in Dubai include Burj Al Arab (the only 7 star hotel in the world), Mercato, Ibn-Batoota Mall, Dera City Centre, Wild Wadi, Mall of Emirates and Jumeirah Beach. All of these places attract millions of tourists round the year.

Dubai has three very good reasons for Mulims to live here:

1. You will get Halal food everywhere.

2. Muslim showers are provided in all toilets.

3. All the shopping malls have their masjids, so you cannot miss the prayers.

Yesterday I completed my first year in Dubai and I am very happy to see the development of an Islamic city which also has become a favourite place for non-Muslims.



  1. i have already been in Dubai and it has been a very awesome experience.It is modern with its high rise building.Burj Khalifa ,the tallest building and Burj Al Arab,the first 7 star hotel is located here.

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