Earthquake in Balochistan shakes the Country

Earthquake in Balochistan can be termed as a big tragedy. It made thousands of people homeless. More than 250 casualities are reported and it is feared that this number can increase. Indeed its a great loss as more than 40,000 people have to spend cold nights in open air. Saudia Arabia played the greatest role in helping the affactees and Shah Abdullah has announced a help of 100 Million US$ to help the victims.

An affected child thinking of his future

An affected child thinking of his future

USA, Canada, Germany and many other countries have also assured Pakistan of their help. In October 2005, Pakistan experienced one of the worst earthquakes, when Balakot and Muzaffarabad were totally destroyed. At the time whole world helped us. But unfortunately due to corruption, the collected funds could not be utilised properly and many of the affected people are still suffering. I am hopeful that present democratic government will learn from those mistakes and will make proper utilisation of the received funds to help the affectees so that they can once again come to the normal life.


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