I wish if I could turn back the clock

Pakistan Government has announced that the standard time of Pakistan will be restored from 1st November 2008 and the clocks will be turned one hour back. I wish that if I could really turn back the clock and we could see Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan working in his office. We could once again see Justice Iftikhar working peacefully as the Chief Justice of Pakistan. We could see the missing people enjoying meals with their families. We could see peace in Pakistan. We could see Pakistani ruppee going stable. We could see international cricket in our stadiums. We could enjoy TV plays giving great messages. We could see our ladies working comfortably in homes without any load shedding. We could see simplicity and love in our society without any race for the sake of money and show off.

I wish if I could turn back the clock, we could bring more and more foreign visitors to Pakistan. We could get visa of any country without facing any problem due to our nationality. We could live peacefully as one nation without any differences on the basis of sect, religion, language and province. We could have concentrate on study in our colleges and universities without indulging ourselves into the politics. We could have more projects and jobs in the country….. I WISH……… and its not necessary that all our wishes can come true.


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