PPP Government interfering in Supreme Court Bar Elections

According to a news published in Pakistan’s largest selling English daily The News, Aitzaz Ahsan has alleged the PPP Government is interfering in the forthcoming Supreme Court Bar Presidential elections. Senior lawyer, Mr. Ali Ahmed Kurd is contesting for this key position. According to Mr. Ahsan, Kurd’s position is very strong and he would win the election inspite of Government’s interference. He further added that Ali Ahmad Kurd was a national hero and his services and sacrifices for the independence of judiciary were unforgettable. Aitzaz said that no other candidate had the stature as that of Kurd.

On the other hand, Latif Khosa, when approached by The News, denied use of influence or other tactics to get the People’s Lawyers Forum’s (PLF) candidate successful. He said that M Zafar’s position was strong and that he would easily win the election.

My comments: This is indeed matter of shame for the so-called democratic champions that they have not restored the honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan by now and they are just following the footprints of Mr. Musharraf. PPP must remember that if it does not change its current policies, people of Pakistan will never ever give PPP to form the government again.


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