PPP Government facing worst reaction from the people


Image contribution: http://www.views.pk

On Thursday ( 23 October 2008 ), in most of the cities in Pakistan people gathered to protest against recent increase in the electricity billing rates. According to the resources families earning 5,000 Rs. per month received bills amounted Rs. 5,000. Two men died of sudden heart attack after looking at the bills. This situation made people violent. They burnt their bills in the streets and attacked the WAPDA office during the protests.

A PPP worker in Haiderabad tried to burn himself and got seriously injured. Police and other PPP workers saved his life by extinguishing the fire. PPP workers in Sindh announced that they were highly depressed due to the present situation in Pakistan and they were not getting any justice even in the presence of their party in the government. They announced that they would attempt suicides if the present situation of load shedding continues.

Federal Minister for electricity and water, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf appologised for providing the high amounts bill and promissed that the increase in the bills would be taken back. He requested people to pay 60% of the bills.

Pakistan after its existence in 1947 is entering into a DARK ERA as the electricty supply has failed to meet the requirement. All major cities including Karachi and Lahore are experiencing about 12 hour load shedding everyday that has collapsed the industries and people are facing too much difficulty.


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