Salman Ahmad – the talented guitarist

It was ‘Music 89’, the first ever pop music programme telecast on PTV, where Pakistani people watched Salman Ahmad playing the guitar for the first time. He was a member of that time hittest Pakistani band ‘Vital Signs’. They performed ‘Do Pak Ka Jeevan’ and their hittest national song ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’. Salman was liked highly by the youth due to his guitar playing skills in ‘Do Pal Ka Jeevan’. Later when their album released people purchased it just like a hotcake and it set new records of sale. Unfortunately, soon after the release of this album, Salman Ahmad, who is a medical doctor by qualification, decided to leave the band as he was a passion for the rock music. He formed a new rock band ‘Junoon’ with Ali Azmat as the leading vocalist, who had left the seconmd best Pakistani band ‘Jupiters’. Later Brian ‘O’ Connel joined them as bass guitarist.

Salman showed his composing and writing skills as well in making the songs. Unfortunately Junoon’s first two albums could not do well as Pakistani people were not very much interested in listening the rock music. Then Salman experimented a new thing and he introduced ‘Sufi Rock’ music, in which they made songs from the writings of Baba Bhullay Shah (famous Punjabi saint). The band got hit and was awarded as the Best Asian Band by MTV channel. They released three albums having this type of music and all of them got great response from the people of Pakistan and India. Junoon also got the honour of playing in the United Nations. In 2005, Junoon broke down and Salman started performing as a solo artist. Salman Ahmad also acted in some TV plays and was well appreciated by the viewers.

Besides music, Salman Ahmed has been involved in two documentaries with the BBC and is also the Goodwill Ambassador for HIV/AIDS. Salman is working towards spreading awareness about HIV in South Asia, and helping to bring peace between Pakistan and India. After Junoon’s international acclaim and success, Salman reached new heights, which include being an ambassador for peace with numerous international awards under his belt. Salman also played an important role in raising funds and awareness for the massive earthquake that hit Pakistan in October, 2005. We wish him a very good luck for his future endeavours.


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  1. He is my favorite guitarist in Pakistan. I have seen him playing in Junoon concerts. He knows to rock his fans.

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