Do Dubai and Abu Dhabi deserve to be in the list of best cities?

Today I am writing on a very serious issue. Some months back Dubai and Abu Dhabi were selected in the list of world’s best cities. Honestly speaking, I doubt on this judgement. In Dubai, 80% of the workforce (including engineers and other executives) cannot liev due to very high living costs. They have to come from the neighbouring cities, Sharjah and Ajman. This puts lot of traffic load on the streets and roads of Dubai as no proper transport system exists between the various UAE emirates (states). It means that Dubai is a city that does not allow its workers to live there, who are contributing in the development of this fastest growing city.

In Abu Dhabi, there is a shortage of proper accommodation and people have to pay very high rents. Otherwise the families have to share the apartments or otherwise they have to live outside the city. Basically both of these cities have been planned for the living of European and local Arab people. Only around 5% of the Asian people can afford living in these cities. Pakistani, Indian and Sri Lankan people are paid less salaries as compared with their European colleagues. This racism is due to lack of proper labour laws. Therefore these cities can never be ranked in the list of world’s best cities.

Any comments on this issue are welcome.

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