My best teacher!

Dr. Javed A. Aziz - A living legend

Dr. Javed A. Aziz - A living legend

It was the start of our final year class of B.Sc. Civil Engineering in UET Lahore. We entered into the class of ‘Public Health Engineering’ which was to be taught by the head of ‘Institute of Environmental Engineering and Research’, Dr. Javed A. Aziz. Professor entered the class and I was masmerised with his personality. I had been student of various professors and lecturers since our admission in the B.Sc. Civil Engineering class, but had never seen such a well-dressed and knowledgeful professor. He introduced himself in a very light way to the class and whole students started taking interest in such a dry subject.

When he finished the lecture, he told us that he would like to discuss someting that was not part of the coursework but would be one of the rising environmental issues in the world that we should have known. He then gave us very valuable information. To be honest, after that lecture Dr. Javed continued his great style of teaching for the whole one year and we enjoyed every single moment of attending his class. After we finished the session and became engineers, his efforts brought fruit and I got a very good job. Later I got admission in M.Sc. Environmental Engineering class in the same instiitution, but unfortunately I could not attend his class. He is the best teacher in my life and is one of very few teachers who earned lot of respect from his students.

Dr. Javed later became Dean of Civil Engineering and was retired in 2004 as the ‘Senior Most Dean’ of UET. He was awarded with Grade 22 (highest government job cadre in Pakistan). I am very lucky that he is also my father. Now days he is teaching in the same institution on contract. May Allah give him a long and healthy life…Amin!


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  1. I do salute to GREAT Dr.Javed regarding his life struggles and achievements in respect of his heart winner son Mr. Shahid Javed, who let us introduce to his best n GREAT TEACHER, in his tremendous informative and appreciating website.
    Thank you very much SHAHID JAVED, you are really a cause to bring your father’s name in the history with golden worth seen words in the WORLD.

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