Environment Corner: Impact of plastic bags on environment

Environment Corner

Today I am going to start a new section on this forum. Being an Environmental Engineer I feel it as a duty to provide my viewers the latest information about key environmental issues. From now on I will be regularly writing in the Environment Corner. I will be thankful to the viewers if you can send me your valueable comments and any important information.

Today’s topic is ‘impact of plastic bags on environment’. I got some useful material from BBC Green (www.bbcgreen.com/Home-Garden/Recycling/60-guide-plastic-bags) website during my research.

Plastic bags are very popular worldover due to their light weight and long life. Secondly they dont get leaked and liquids and semi-liquids can be carried very easily by using these bags. However, they also have some very serious impacts on our environment. They are biologically non-degradeable and if thrown in the streets they create pollution. Plastic bags often end up in our streets, countryside and on our beaches. They don’t biodegrade, they photodegrade – breaking down into smaller toxic particles that enter the food chain when ingested by animals and contaminating soil, waterways and the sea. In the developing countries like Pakistan, they are often thrown into the manholes and result in the blockage of sewerage system.

Plastic bags create dangerous pollution when they are burnt. They emit harmful greenhouse gases that deplete the Ozone layer and a sresult global warming also increases.

What we can do: We must avoid using the plastic bags at our best. We should try to use paper or clothe bags for carrying the solids. Heavy solids can be carried into the baskets. Liquids can be carried in small plastic buckets. Also we can reuse the existing plastic bags for carrying the dry things so that the bags can be used for longer times.



One comment

  1. Mr.Shahid javed

    You are given warm welcome by tremendous appreciations regarding commencement of a sensitive and very important forum about environment and its reformation.
    I can say that either production of plastic bags should be banned or public should be given training like education, both options are not only difficult but also impossible because plastic bags can not be banned until we get its substitute, so it can not be solved immediately, and 2nd thing regarding people’s education; it can not be given to those who never think to build their personality civilized since their childhood to up to right now. it is in vain also, then only one solution is in our hand to punish and charge them fine those all peoples who are any sort of environment pollution creator or violent as well.

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