Joint ‘In Camera’ session of Parliament



Today President Zardari has called the joint ‘in camera’ session of National Assembly and Senate at the NA Building, Islamabad. He also has invited senior party leaders who are not members of the assembly or Senate. Aim of this activity is to take all the parties in confidence about the present law and order situation in the tribal areas of Pakistan, and to get their suggestions and views for solving this very serious issue that has brought Pakistan at a very critical turn. It would have been better if this session could be covered by the media as at this stage the whole nation wants to know about the decisions made out as this is the problem of every single Pakistani now and it must be solved without any further delay. Otherwise Pakistan is going to become next Afghanistan or Iraq. Senior Indian journalist, Mr. Kuldeep Nayyer also crticised this decision and advised that such sessions must be covered by the media so that the whole nation can know about the proposed actions to solve the law and order situation. he was commenting in Geo TV news last night.

We pray to Allah to bless our leaders with wisdom and courage to take the decisions that are best for the country and nation.


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