Pakistan under terror

Pakistan is facing a very bad period these days since its emergence on the world map in 1947. Economic crisis, load shedding and above all recent wave of terrorism have broken the back bone of the country. Two days back Red Cross correspondent in Islamabad declared Pakistan as ‘War Zone’. Besides bomb blasta and suicidal attacks, threatening telephone calls create a highly horrified environment. Unfortunately, due to improper tracking system, terrorists make telephone calls to the authorities and threat that they have placed bombs in the shopping centres, markets, airports and other public places. Police immediately starts to seal and evacuate these areas. Sometimes many people get injured due to the unpredicted stampede. Three days back police received a telephone call in which the anonymous caller provided them wrong information about placing a bomb in a market in Gujranwala. Police reached the occasion immediately and made announcement to the people there that they must had come out of the market as terrorists had placed a bomb there. People rushed with fear and 8 people (women and children) got injured as they fell down. Later bomb disposal unit searched the whole market but there was no bomb found.

This situation is not good for Pakistan as the citizens of Pakistan are now really terrified. They cannot go out of their home comfortably. Government must consider these issues very seriously and arrange dialogues with the angry tribesmen who are unhappy because of US attacks and in a result they are creating terror in allover Pakistan. We hope that insha Allah things will turn good very soon and our beloved Country will become a safe place once again. PAKISTAN ZINDA BAAD!!!



  1. There is no doubt about, Pakistan is facing horrible situation, then whose fault is this?
    Nothing is happened within 24 hours, it takes time to be occurred, a certain time produced automatically a concerned environment, which exposes it’s good or bad impacts to its surrounding, nation of Pakistan have been paralyzed due to its carelessness and negligent attitude with own self and with neighbors, now the blaze of cracking fire is engulfing to entire Pakistan.
    Time is over, I will request to entire nation of Pakistan to open their INTELLECTUAL EYES and learn the lesson of downfall from MUGHAL EMPIRES who were fully drunk n sleepy while they were saying (EEN DILLI DUUR AST) means DEHLI is so far from the reach of enemies, increasing of western troops are alarming a dangerous toll in the neighbour country along LOC for Pakistan.

  2. Main yeh kiss k naam likhon jo alum guzar rahey hain
    meray shahar jall rahey hain meray loog marr rahey hain
    koi aur tu nahen hai passey khanjjar aazmaiyee
    hameen kattal ho rahey hain hamen kattal kar rahey hain

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