Why Muslims can’t celebrate one Eid in a country

Eid Greetings to all of our Muslims readers.

Its a matter of concern for us that Muslims are celebrating Eids on different days even in one country. As per thye sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) it is mendatory for the Muslims living in any country to sight the moon in the evening of 29th Ramadan after opening the fast. If many well reputed people bear witness of sighting the moon, the Eid would be celebrated the following day. However if either the moon is not sighted, i.e. its age is too less that it can be sighted, or there are clouds then the Muslim community will fast for the following day and complete 30 fasts. After that they will perform Eid.

Now in Pakistan, UK, USA, India, Australia and many other countries Muslims do not bother to follow the above guidelines. Some people follow Saudi Arabia, some follow the meteriological calculations and some try to celebrate Eid with their native country. It does not leave a good impression of the Muslim Ummah on non-Muslims people and also shows that we are not united. Therefore Imam-e-Kaaba must announce a criteria for the celebration of Eid so that we can show our unity as one nation.


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