President Zardari and US Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin

Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin met Pakistani President, Asif Ali Zardari during his visit to US. She has been ‘Miss USA’ in the past. President Zardari who was representing ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’ could not control his sentiments and made very unreasonable comment that created a bad reputation of the country. He warmly shook hand with Sarah Palin and said that he was highly impressed by her beauty. Photographers who were there to cover the meeting got the joke and asked both of them to shake their hands again. Zardari immediately shook her hand again and said if the photographers would demand he could hug Sarah Palin. Below is the video of this shameful act.

Its a mater of shame for all the citizens of Pakistan that such corrupt people are heading our state, who have no control on their non-Islamic acts. Pakistan Zinda Baad….Zardari Paainda Baad!!!!



  1. Since when did you assume Zardari had any Islamic bone in his body. He looked rather creepy though.
    If you wanted Islam then maybe you should have elected MMA.

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