Zakir Hussain – Muhammad Rafi reborn

Zakir Hussain - Voice of India

Zakir Hussain - Voice of India

About 2 months ago one of my friend requested me to watch a music competition programme on Star TV. Programme was titled as ‘Voice of India’. Normally I dont watch such programmes, but that day I was amazed to listen Muhammad Rafi’s voice from someone who was not Muhammad Rafi by face. Zakir Hussain from Chhatees (36) Garh, India was the singer who sang a song of  Muhammad Rafi titled as ‘Shardi Walay Sayeen Baba’ and three judges, Monti Sharma, Sukhvindar Singh and Ismail Darbar got surprised. They appreciated him a lot and gave him very high marks.

Zakir kept on doing well and as per the format of the programme in which people from allover India vote the contestants, many times he got the maximum votes. Zakir is a crippled person since his childhood and he uses clutches to walk and stand. Unfortunately some of the parents of those contestants who had been rejected by the people and judges, started rising their voices against Zakir that he was getting popularity just becauase of sympathy due to his condition. People of India also started showing racism against Muslims and in the advance programmes they cast low votes for Zakir. Similarly his fellow singers never voted for him if they were asked to give opinion about best of them.

ON 26th September 2008, Zakir had to leave the programme because of these things as he could not get enough enough votes. He sang Rafi’s melodious song ‘Kia Hua Tera Vaada’ next day when he and other losers were given a chance for re-entry into the programme. But he was not selected.

Zakir Hussain has a gift of beautiful voice from God and he is simply reborn of Muhammad Rafi. People who have listened him and have open minds, love him due to his beautiful voice and smiling face. I wish that he could become a real great singer of Bollywood.


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