Friends of Pakistan Conference in New York

New York

New York

26th September 2008 (yesterday) can be termed as a positive day for Pakistan, when 12 friends countries of Pakistan gathered in New York. They discussed the present situation of Pakistan in the scenario of war against terrorism and its effects on the economy of Pakistan. These countries include, Saudi Arab, UAE, Chaina and G-7 countries. They decided to help Pakistan for upbringing its economy. For this purpose these countries will develop a fund. It was also decided that next meeting of this forum will be held in Abu Dhabi after one month.

This is indeed a good news for Pakistan after a long time when world is realising that we have suffered a lot in so called war against terror. President Asif Ali Zardari was also present at the occasion and he appreciated this gesture. He added that Pakistan has no objection if India wanted to join this forum. US Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice appreciated the role of Pakistan for fighting against terrorism and she said that a consorcium would be made for helping Pakistan so that the country can become economically stable.



  1. Sounds nice but Zardari’s statement is really annoying where he said Bush has made world safer place.

    That is just unbelievable!

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