Dr. Aafia not in position to face the judicial trial

A US Prosecutor has advised in Dr. Aafia’s case that she is not fit for the judicial trial due to her poor psychic condition. The Prosecutor is saying to ‘evaluate’ her condition, meaning do her examination before the treatment is offered. This is very sad that due to lot of torture US qualified Dr. Aafia Siddiqui (a daughter of Pakistan) has lost her senses and cannot face the unfair and unjustified trial against herself.

President Zardari is in USA by now and under these circumstances he must play important role to get Dr. Aafia released. According to the resources she felt some satisfaction after hearing the news about her son’s return back to her home in Pakistan. We pray to Allah to shower His blessing on her in the holy month of Ramazan (Ramadan) so that her suffering family can come out of tension.


One comment

  1. Like so many other people I am also wondering about the fate of her 2 other sons. Some of them say her infant son died long ago :-S

    Sheer injustice!

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