President Zardari in USA

UN Headquarters, New York

UN Headquarters, New York

These days Pakistani President, Asif Ali Zardari is in USA on his first official visit as the President. It is being predicted that he will meet with President Bush and many other leaders who will be there to attend the UN General Assembly session, where Zardari will also address. This tour has come in a very critical situation when Pakistan is facing the worst time since its creation and terrorism has entered in its Capital Islamabad. President Zardari must speak in UN General Assembly about unjustified air attacks of US led forces in Pakistan as this is against the international laws. Zardari should also discuss about the situation in Pakistan with US President George Bush and must tell him clearly that Pakistan has paid lot of price in war on terror and cannot afford more. This is the time when these actions are required.

In case President Asif Zardari does not discuss these issues, this tour will be just the wastage of time and precious money that Pakistani nation cannot afford at any cost. We also expect that Pakistani President will raise the matter of unjustified and unethical possession of Dr. Aafia by the US government. He must help out this ‘Daughter of the nation’, who has sacrified a lot without any solid allegation against her.



  1. His trip won’t be a complete failure but don’t you think with Sarah Palin’s episode he really made laughing stalk of himself.

    People in US don’t take such leaders seriously. That is how he was dubbed. Non-serious and yes, funny too :-S

  2. You are 100% right Ayesha that President Zardari made laughing stalk of himself by acting in a non-serious manner. After all he is a PPP leader so what we can expect from him….

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