Islamabad Blast – 9/11 for Pakistan

Blazing Marriott Hotel Islamabad

Blazing Marriott Hotel Islamabad

Yesterday (20th Sep. 2008 ) President Asif Ali Zardari addressed the joint session of National Assembly and Senate for the first time after his selection as the President of Pakistan.

National Assembly Speaker, Dr. Fehmida gave iftar dinner in the evening to all the parliamentarians. When this dinner was going on, a truck carrying 1000 Kg (1 ton) of explosive material entered Marriott Hotel Islamabad and the driver blasted himself resulting in a huge explosion sound of which got heard allover the Capital City.

According to the government resources, there were informations that such an event was expected yesterday due to which high security was provided around the Parliamant House, Chief Minister Secretariat and the Presidency. The suicide bomber found that he was not able to enter these areas so he decided to blast in Marriott Hotel where hundreds of Pakistani and foreign nationals were gathered for the iftar parties. 150 rooms were also occupied where different families and individual guests were staying.

Till now 60 casualities have been reported and more than 250 people are injured, out of which some are seriously injured and it is feared that the casualities can increase. The Hotel burnt out completly and converted into ashes. This sad incident is termed as “9/11 for Pakistan” and it is the worst blast in the history of Islamabad. President Z|ardari and PPP government officials have condemned this act of brutality and have said that their fight against the terrorists would continue with the same spirit.

This is the most unfortunate time in the history of Pakistan when we are fighting the war of USA and as a result our own stability is at stake. Hundreds of people lost their jobs as a result of this explosion. Dozens of cars got completely destroyed. Most of the killed people are either drivers or Hotel security staff. They were all poor people who were there for earning.

Who will think of Pakistan and tell USA that we cannot fight more for them as it is destabilising our own motherland ???


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