Our politicians can never learn lessons

Pervaiz Illahi - PML(Q) Leader

Pervaiz Illahi - PML(Q) Leader

After the breakup of coalition between PPP and PML(N), the Nawaz Sharif and his party decided to support PPP government in National Assembly for the sake of democracy. However, it is very sad to see that PPP could not make a good reputation. Its appointed Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer started movement against the PML(N) led Punjab Government. He met with PML(Q) leaders and asked for their support in the provincial assembly of Punjab.

PML(Q) leaders who paved ways for all unconstitutional acts of former President Musharraf immediately welcomed Mr. Taseer and started dirty politics. They contacted people of the forward block and started threatning them to stand with them in this dirty game. They warned them that if they dont do so their memberships would be cancelled as they did not remain in the party from whose platform they had contested the election.

Mian Shahbaz Sharif is a sincere Chief Minister, who is always liked by the people of Punjab for taking revolutionary steps. Now he has managed to provide ROTI at a rate of 2 rupees throughout the province. People support him and want to see him in this position. He is hopeful that insha Allah majority of Punjab Assembly members will vote him.

Inj any case this game cannot be appreciated and I feel sad to say that our politicians give way to Army and they can never learn from their mistakes in the past.


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