TeamGeo Member comments on Aalim Online (7 Sep. 2008)

Its a matter of pleasure for us that Mr. Rehan Ibrahim of TeamGeo wrote for our website. (Shahid Javed)

There is a viral attack afflicting our inboxes these days fueled by anger, piety and resentment.

The object of people’s rage is a program on Geo , in which the anchor Amir Liaquat Hussain , allegedly called for the ‘lynching’ of all Ahmedis. As a TeamGeo member I was horrified that our channel , which has its motto the phrase , ‘Geo aur Jeeney Do’, could have stooped to such lows. Especailly since we are always accused by the conservatives in society against our many programs and projects like Zara Sochieye, Khuda Kay Liye and Ghamidi. I was also very disturbed to read the Asian Human Rights report on the subject and felt the collective guilt of having caused the deaths of 2 Ahmedis.

I am not a great fan of Amir Liaquat, and not many liberals or elite are. However, I must admit that his popular , show Alim on Line , did for the first time , bring together Alim’s from the Sectarian divide on to the same platform and their discussions helped greatly in bridging the viewpoints of these two great sects of Islam. This show has a vast appeal and has helped a large member of youth, women and men to resolve their confusions about the teachings of Islam.

That said , I was still very perturbed with what occurred on 7th September on Geo. I decided to try and get to the truth of the matter. I asked for a copy of the program and saw it myself. I realized how mob fury can be inflamed by sheer hearsay and exaggeration as well as through personal bias of people against Dr Aamir.

Nowhere in the program did Dr Amir or the three guests call for the death of Ahmedis. The discussion initially was based on history and how the Prophet (PBUH) and the Sahaba dealt with the emergence of ‘False Prophets’. It kept emphasizing that all Muslims must believe that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was the seal of the Prophets and was the last messenger of God. The first guest gave us a background of the Ahmediya controversy and how the Bhutto government declared them outside the pale of Islam in the 70’s.

He also took us through the constitutional implications of that parliamentary excommunication. The scholar did not at any point call for any lynching of the Ahmedi’s.

Amir then turned to his two studio guests’ including a Shia and Sunni Alim. Both of them stated categorically that they believed that False Prophets are punishable by death and gave much references to religious text and tradition. They also heaped scorn on the founder of the movement, which I personally felt was in bad taste, but refrained from any exhortation to kill Ahmedi’s.

I decided to transcribe that portion of program which I am attaching to this mail. I think this should clear some of the air.

I am also privy of the fact that the management of Geo held a series of meetings and took the matter very seriously. They made sure that the program was not repeated nor telecast outside Pakistan. Amir Liaquat followed up with his own regret in subsequent programs and the President of Geo went on the BBC and offered his apologies to those whose sentiments were hurt by the broadcast. Geo, however, does not feel that a causal link can be established between the program and the tragic killings because there was absolutely no exhortation to do so by Amir and the three scholars. I also feel that the Asian Human Rights report was based entirely on hearsay and not on facts. They need to correct their position after either viewing the program or going through the transcript.

The Ahmedi issue is a very sensitive one and it cannot be discussed or debated openly because it opens up too many wounds. When we cannot have a balanced discussion on a topic, it is better to leave it alone . Otherwise, we will err and subvert our philosophy of Geo Aur Jeeney Do. I trust that our management will also ensure that if at all this matter is discussed in a tv programme, the point of view of the Ahmedi’s must be incorporated.

Author: Rehan Ibrahim (TeamGEO)



  1. Thank you for you very honest comments team Geo, I agree with what you have stated in relation to non of the guests on the program or anchor procaliming that Ahmadies to be killed.

    Though they have definately incited Hatred and can be seen as a link towards a development of hate and possibly two deaths very soon after the show. Firstly the program was very biased and as you mentioned at the end of you post, they did not take any views of what Ahmadies have to say and it was all very one sided.

    I think the best remedy for this would be for Ahmir Liaqat to invite Ahmadies on his show and put the beliefs and there view across. This way it can be fully cleared what Ahamdies beleive and also the truth of it all that how much they love the Holy Prophet Mohammad and follow on his teachings.


    Being a human we are looked like same, but it’s not true actually we are different minded people who live on a same WORLD with different school of thoughts that’s why so many disputes are having difficulties and serious issues, which are increasing day by day against all of us that can not be avoided because of aggressive and irrespective meaningful statments,due to that life is being angry and reaction is becoming miserable by a lot of contradictions and disagreeable thoughts, harassments, agitations, violations, etc.through out the WORLD.
    Let’s speak gently respectively for all of HUMANITY in order to bring peace in the WORLD, critisim opposition allegations blame charges have brought us at edge of ZERO TOLERANCE. Man kind is looked like animal like beast now a day.



  3. I appreciate comments of Mr. Ismail Ijaz and Mr. Ahmed. Whatever our beliefs are, we must respect others who differ with us on opinion. Noone can kill anyone for just having a different set of mind.

  4. On the evening of 7th September 2008, Mr. Amir Liaquat of Geo TV, in his program “Aalim Online” touched the topic of Khatm-e-Nabuwat. This topic, no doubt, is of utmost importance to every Muslim and absolutely sacred one. The topic should have been explained to the audience in the light of Islamic teachings. But, as usual, the discussion was deviated off the main point and it drifted towards the controversial topic of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (more commonly known as qadianis) . The Sunni cleric or Moulvi sahib started abusing rather accusing Ahmadis for not believing in the Khatm-e-Nabuwwat and further said that anybody not believing in the concept was WAJIB-UL-QATAL (obligatory to be killed) . He did not stop even at that. The molvi sahib, as though it was vital for true explanation of the issue, started abusing Mirza Sahib the founder of the Ahmadiyya community. Mr Liaquat seemed to be on the same lines of thought as of the Molvi. Mr. Amir Liaquat forgot his status as the moderator/anchor of the show and in the continuity of the abuses started his own speech. In his speech he totally forgot the main topic and not only desecrated the sacred status of a man considered holy by more than 200 million people around the world, but also spread hatred among the nation of Pakistan which is already facing the consequences of intolerance among themselves. Not to mention Mr. Liaquat paved the way for further terrorism and extremism by playing with the emotions of the common man; whose heart and soul is Islam but unfortunately does not hold the intellect or the knowledge to study the true values of real Islam.
    This program created such an adverse effect on the illiterate listeners that on the very next day, that is on the 8th of September 2008, Dr. Munnan Siddiqui, a well known Physician who belonged to the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Mirpur Khas Sindh, was brutally murdered in his clinic. Unknown gunmen entered his clinic and started firing indiscriminately injuring several persons including his patients and security guard. Dr. Siddiqui succumbed to his injuries few minutes later. This barbaric act of terrorism or extremism whatever we call it was just a glimpse of the potential our populace has in accepting extremist beliefs and resorting to such cowardly acts.
    The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has never been given the chance to defend its beliefs in Pakistan. Numerous allegations and accusations are laid upon the community but never a chance is given to say anything in their defense. We as a nation are affected by the fact that we are intolerant and hate anyone who dares to contradict us. We don’t want to see the other side of the picture. . This has always been the case in Pakistan. But what really saddens me this time is that we are now claiming to fight extremism in our country while our media is spreading such extremist one-sided teachings on prime-time television!!! When will we understand the fact that we must be tolerant enough to listen to other people. Think about the situation the nation is in, everything is going wrong. Everybody agrees to that. Everybody knows the problem is extremism so why not cure it. If Pakistan does not recognize its friends from foes soon than it’s a lost war.
    Finally I being an Ahmadi Muslim condemn this act of violence and ask the Government of Pakistan to ensure that the Muderers of Dr Siddiqui are caught. I also plea to the Authorities to make sure that such acts of terrorism are not repeated. I further address the administration of Geo TV and show my disappointment and condemnation of the content of that program. I considered the Media to be impartial and the voice of the people not the beacon of hate and violence.

  5. Crimes against Ahmedies in Pakistan and rest of Islamic world are condemnable and Ahmedies should be allowed freedoms to practice their religion. All discriminatory laws against Ahmedies must be scraped.

    At the same time I advise Ahmedies also to change their policies and stop cruel practices like ‘social boycott’, expulsions, hate propaganda, forced divorces and family breakups that they use against people who chose to leave Jamaat or express dissent about the policies or personal behaviour of Ahmedi leadership. It is highly hypocritical that Ahmedies don’t allow any Ahmedi to object on any belief or people of Mirza family but expect that others will tolerate their beliefs that are in conflict with some basic tenants of Main stream Islam.

    A lot of problems against Ahmedies are direct result of social isolation that Ahmedies have self-created due to their policy of not having marital and social relations with non-Ahmedi Muslims. This policy of Ahmadiyya has made this community a fortress community that is held hostage by their own dogmas – many purely based on hate.

    I am an Ahmedi by birth and hel many positions in Jamaat in my youth. Right now I am facing a severe social boycott by Ahmedi community including families of me and my wife. Is such practice human? My only crime was that I criticize corruption among clergy and so-called holy Mirza family and also some wrong practices including discrimination against women.

  6. I have to say please start your program with Sura Al-Fatah this massage for Aalim Online
    (Verse 24 to 25) every program.

  7. Thanks but what about the fact that amir liaquat frequently used slang language about the relegious figures of Ahmadiyya ? why he did not asked any of Ahmadi scholer about the actual belief of Ahmadiyaa ? why he became a party in that program … ?

  8. It’s the first time I saw your website. I really like it. The topics are great. Dr. Amir Liaqat is just one of those journalist who introduced yellow Journalisam. Geo Tv should have banned his program in order to spreading haterad. Unity is our basic need today, we all living abroad knows there are many sects in Chirstanity and all other religions but they never had problems like us. never fight no killing on the name of religion. We need to grow up!!! I want to comment on Affaf Azhar’s both columns ” Mazhab k naam par khoun” and ” Sahafi bud-diyanati” very well writen and wonderful columns. Infact I am one of her regullar reader and always enjoys her columns and was impressed to see her on this webpage.

  9. I have also watched some portion of this programme and I agree with TemGeo Member that Dr. Aamir never said that Qadianis must be killed. He never used this sentence at all.
    I appreciate that noone should stand up to kill a person who has different mindset of belief. But I am more than 100% clear that Qadianis are non-Muslims. Holy Prophet Muhamamd (PBUH) clearly mentioned that there would be coming 30 false claimants of prophethood after him before the day of judgement. He also cleared that the chapter of prophetism is CLOSED as if there was a prophet to come after himself, that could be Hadhrat Umer (RA) only. Since Umer (RA) was not prophet, its our firm belief that there is no prophet after Muhammad (PBUH) and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is a false claimant like many other such claimants.

  10. tum log aik gumrah insan ki pervi mat karo ALLAH ka nabi aisa insan nahi hosakta jo khud gunahgar ho dozakh ki aag se apne aap ko bachalo

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