Traffic issue in Dubai and Sharjah

Eng. Irfan Rashid

Photo taken by: Eng. Irfan Rashid

Yesterday it took me 3.5 hours in reaching my home in Sharjah from Jabal Ali in Dubai. I got too much upset and started thinking that if this was the life for which I had left my country. This is unfortunately an everyday routine here. In Dubai rents are too much high and even execuvite employees cannot afford to live there. They have to live in Sharjah. So around 80% of the population living in Sharjah works in Dubai. Due to lack of better public transport system, people use their cars or companies’ transport for reaching their offices. Schools in Dubai also get maximum students from Sharjah. So if you have to reach your office or school well in time, you have to leave around 5:00-5:30 am, otherwise you will stuck in traffic and it will take you hours to reach your office. Another confusing rule here is that a taxi of Sharjah can drop passengers in Dubai but cannot take passengers for Sharjah. Same is the rule for the taxis of Dubai. So people who dont have their cars are facing a great problem here. Taxi drivers dont take them happily to the other city as they have to come back empty and most of the time it take hours to come back due to heavy traffic.

Dubai government imposed a road tax SALIK on two major bridges and Sheikh Zayad Road to reduce the traffic in these areas, but it aggravated the situation further. On the roads where this tax is not charged, rush increased many times. Similarly, on the roads where SALIK is charged (4.0 AED per passing) traffic pressure is still there as people have to go for their own vehicles due to poor public transport system.

In my opinion, both Dubai and Sharjah governments should sit together to find some solution for this very serious problem, otherwise people will start leaving these cities. Dubai government must take serious action to control the high accommodation rents so that most of the working class can afford living in Dubai and bottle neck between Sharjah and Dubai can be improved.


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