Blessings of Ramadan Kareem

We are very lucky to have another Ramadan (Ramazan) in our lives. Allah loves this month the most. He puts Iblees (Satan) in prison during this month. This is the month in which Allah saves millions of human beings from the fire of hell and forgives those who ask Him for forgiveness with purity of their hearts. In this month, each good deed is rewarded 70 times than the other months.

Lailat-ul-Qadar is the most rewarding night that comes in Ramadan. On 27th Ramadan, Quran was sent to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This night comes in any of the last five odd dates of Ramadan Kareem. A person who prays in this night till Fajr, gets reward of praying for more than one thousand months. During Ramadan its a chance for all of the Muslims to purify their lives and strengthen their belief in Allah and Muhammad as His last and final Prophet. We wish all our Muslim visitors a very blessed Ramadan.


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