Qadianis killed in Sindh

In the last week two Qadiani (Ahmadi) religious leader including one medical doctor, Abdul Mannan Siddiqui were murdered by the unknowns. It is reported that these are first such incidents that took place in the province of Sindh. Dr. Abdul Mannan was running a private hospital in Mirpur Khas where according to Ahmadia Jamaat he was treating many poor people for free or at very low fees. The second person murdered was Mr. Muhammad Yousaf, president of Ahmadia Jamaat in Nawabshah. He was going for offering his prayer, when two motorcyclists opened fire on him and he could not survive.

It is being said that both murders took place after the telecasting of Geo TV programme ‘Aalim Online’ on 7th of September 2008 to mark the anniversary of Qadianis non-Muslim declaration. Although Qadianis were declared as non-Muslims by the National Assembly in 1974, it is shameful to kill the religious minorities in a time when Pakistan is already going through a very critical time since its existence. Government must take immediate action to find the culprits and bring them to justice. Islam teaches us tolerance and forgiveness so that the non-Muslims can convert into Islam by following our attitude.



  1. The epithet Qadiani is wrong, they are Ahmadis. Geo TV should be prosecuted for instigating violence against a peaceful minority.

  2. Well for starters they were not ‘Qadianis’. A ‘Qadiani’ is someone who belongs to ‘Qadian’. That’s a place in India. They DID NOT belong to Qadian. If anything you could call them ‘Sindhis’ or ‘Pakistanis’. Get it? You could have said ‘Sindhis killed in Sindh’. Now that would have made sense.
    If you’re talking about their religious affiliations then they were ‘Ahmadis’ NOT Qadianis.

  3. By calling you people AHMADI we will admit that you are sincere with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), which you are not as Mirza Ghyulam Ahmad called himself a prophet which is in contradiction to the ahadeeths and Quran. So you people can never be sincere with Islam. Qadianiat was planted by the British government.

  4. I think it’s absured to declare someone as non-Muslim and kill the person based on their religious beliefs. The so called Aalims or Owlemas should be prosecuted and lynched for preaching hatred. I think Geo TV is a terrorist supporting TV it should be banned in the world and its owners and staff should be brought to Guantanamo Bay— the nemesis of so called Muslim Owlemas and Aalims going “online”. Hate has no place in the peaceful world and Mr. Zardari the victim of extremism and terrorrism should show actions rather than words coming out of his mouth. Geo TV should be banned in Pakistan immediately. No true democratic government would declare any faith a Muslim or not. Religion is a personal matter and it should stay that way. Today Pakistan’s existence is in danger because of religious hatred it projects. I think Mr. Zardari should step in and arrest Geo TV staff and all other extremists channels who are spreading hatred and they all should be brought back to Owlema and Aalims Nemesis– Guantanamo Bay.

  5. The people who are involved in such activities do not deserved to be called as a Muslim if they cross their limits n misbehave with non Muslims. Even though they are doing some thing for the purpose of JEHAAD
    There is no room in Islam for any sort of injustice act shown by extremist in Islam, we are given a transparent and complete system of life through practically 24 hours of performance by our beloved Prophet Muhammad ibne Abdullah alaihe salaato salaam and his loyal companions n followers sahaaba ikraam ridwaanullah alaihim ajma’iin around 125 hundreds thousand with there Hearts n souls dedication, they have gone through all parts n processes of life, nothing was left by them in order to think later, how n what to do according to the doctrine of Islam.
    Pakistan Government is appealed to take action against such brutalities.

  6. Killing on the name of religion has to be strongley condamn.Islam is a name of peace and humanity. Islam never alows those type of brutle killing on the name of Allah and Rasool.Aalam online proved to be Jahil online. our Mullah need to have religious education. Our exteremist behaviour and lake of religoius knowldge/actuall teaching of islam among our mullahs has proved us terrists. That is sad very sad that we are the follower of Islam(peace) and humanity but our action are against our own religion and teacing of Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon Him).as Iqbal said
    Wo zamaney main muaaziz they musalman ho kar
    Aur tum khowar howay tareke Quraan ho kar.
    Affaf Azhar
    Toronto, Canada

  7. There is a viral attack afflicting our inboxes these days fueled by anger, piety and resentment.

    The object of people’s rage is a program on Geo , in which the anchor Amir Liaquat Hussain , allegedly called for the ‘lynching’ of all Ahmedis. As a TeamGeo member I was horrified that our channel , which has its motto the phrase , ‘Geo aur Jeeney Do’, could have stooped to such lows. Especailly since we are always accused by the conservatives in society against our many programs and projects like Zara Sochieye, Khuda Kay Liye and Ghamidi. I was also very disturbed to read the Asian Human Rights report on the subject and felt the collective guilt of having caused the deaths of 2 Ahmedis.

    I am not a great fan of Amir Liaquat, and not many liberals or elite are. However, I must admit that his popular , show Alim on Line , did for the first time , bring together Alim’s from the Sectarian divide on to the same platform and their discussions helped greatly in bridging the viewpoints of these two great sects of Islam. This show has a vast appeal and has helped a large member of youth, women and men to resolve their confusions about the teachings of Islam.

    That said , I was still very perturbed with what occurred on 7th September on Geo. I decided to try and get to the truth of the matter. I asked for a copy of the program and saw it myself. I realized how mob fury can be inflamed by sheer hearsay and exaggeration as well as through personal bias of people against Dr Aamir.

    Nowhere in the program did Dr Amir or the three guests call for the death of Ahmedis. The discussion initially was based on history and how the Prophet (PBUH) and the Sahaba dealt with the emergence of ‘False Prophets’. It kept emphasizing that all Muslims must believe that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was the seal of the Prophets and was the last messenger of God. The first guest gave us a background of the Ahmediya controversy and how the Bhutto government declared them outside the pale of Islam in the 70’s.

    He also took us through the constitutional implications of that parliamentary excommunication. The scholar did not at any point call for any lynching of the Ahmedi’s.

    Amir then turned to his two studio guests’ including a Shia and Sunni Alim. Both of them stated categorically that they believed that False Prophets are punishable by death and gave much references to religious text and tradition. They also heaped scorn on the founder of the movement, which I personally felt was in bad taste, but refrained from any exhortation to kill Ahmedi’s.

    I decided to transcribe that portion of program which I am attaching to this mail. I think this should clear some of the air.

    I am also privy of the fact that the management of Geo held a series of meetings and took the matter very seriously. They made sure that the program was not repeated nor telecast outside Pakistan. Amir Liaquat followed up with his own regret in subsequent programs and the President of Geo went on the BBC and offered his apologies to those whose sentiments were hurt by the broadcast. Geo, however, does not feel that a causal link can be established between the program and the tragic killings because there was absolutely no exhortation to do so by Amir and the three scholars. I also feel that the Asian Human Rights report was based entirely on hearsay and not on facts. They need to correct their position after either viewing the program or going through the transcript.

    The Ahmedi issue is a very sensitive one and it cannot be discussed or debated openly because it opens up too many wounds. When we cannot have a balanced discussion on a topic, it is better to leave it alone . Otherwise, we will err and subvert our philosophy of Geo Aur Jeeney Do. I trust that our management will also ensure that if at all this matter is discussed in a tv programme, the point of view of the Ahmedi’s must be incorporated.

  8. I am highly obliged to Rehan Ibrahim for writing from Geo TV on this important issue. Its a success of our website that it is being visited by such people.

  9. I condemn the killing of two Pakistanis in Sindh on the name of religion. I would also request Dr. Aamir to refrain from such discussions as some illetrate people get their motives from such comments of scholars.

  10. Dear Rehan Ibrahim
    Don’t you think that this is a very sensitive issue. It should have been handled or discussed very sensibly. Unfortunately there is enough hatred in people’s mind for ahmadis and shows like these or statement like these will only create more problems. The majority of Pakistan is illiterate and as rashid43 said, that such extremists get their motives from such comments.
    The whole show was about “qadianis”. Using terms like “wajibul qatal” in such circumstances was very irresponsible. The host and the guests knew that ahmadis are persecuted especially in Pakistan. Not once did they ask their viewers to refrain from hateful acts as they usually do for “firqa-bazi”. I do apologize, (maybe indirectly) but they are responsible for these murders.

  11. Qadiani are non muslims but they are not like other non-muslim because other non-muslim do not declare all muslims of the world as Kafir,dogs,bitches and pigs etc.Yes qadiani leaders and its founder call all the non-qadiani as kafir,pigs,bitces.
    So please differentiate detween other muslims and qadianis.
    If you do not know all this then please study the literature of Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani.


    Amanat Ali

  12. Dear Sir

    Assalamalaikum. I did want to say that though it is a deplorable act to have such people murdered, whatever faith they are of, I still find it bizarre that Qadiani people are selling their particular “creed” to the rest of the world, as a people being “tormented” by persecution.

    The problem is, I suspect that most Qadianis (that is a general term which they themselves acknowledge) are adept at hiding their faith from people. Its as if they use stealth to get to a position of power and often then attempt to accomodate their fellow adherents. In doing so they isolate and seemingly “infiltrate” certain spheres of public and private life.

    You will notice that I use words such as “isolate” and “infiltrate”, the reason being that everything for them is about acting in a crusading way. They view ALL non-Qadianis as hell-bound and so sneer upon us Muslims. For them to go on such journeys such as Hajj is a an act of great bravardo, since they have been officiially banned from going to pilgrimage. Furthermore, when ever one meets a Qadiani, if one gets to know one better, one always feel that they start becoming rather persuaive about their creed and try to convince one of their beleifs.

    I have actually made some interesting further observations about their creed. It seems to me that the real problem is that their system of faith is totally Paki-centric, that is that it is wholly connected to Indo-Pakistani culture, the need to follow and be led by a so-called holy man; to pay lip service to a leader; to sing crass so called “naaths”; to beleive in miraculous events despite these were ONLY ever witnessed or experienced by the noble prophets of old mentioned in the Holy Koran and Ingeel and Torah etc. In other words, this “system” of control taps in perfectly to the Pakistani, jahil mind-set perfectly with its customs and need to be compelled to follow.

    Further to this, one must recall that according to Roohani Khazain, possibly one of the most preposterous books ever written along with Hitler’s Mein Kampf, (the former which is now being constantly air-brushed by Qadianis) Mirza was himself a man of little evident piety, he advocated all manner of teachings, religious views, practices, which were and are COMPLETELY CONTRARY to the teachings of Islam. Simply put, he forsaked Islam for vainity, a need to add lustre to his credibility infront of his overawed, gullible contemporaries. It is no accident that MOST Qadianis have little or no idea of what Mirza wrote since they are steered clear by the intelligentsia of the movement.These people are also at the forefront of the propagation of a virtual assault, nay propaganda war being waged by Qadianis. Their TV service is obviously at the forefront of this and tries desperately to convey at times a “orthodox” view of Islam. They use silly camera angles to attempt to show tens of thousands present at their Jalsas, when in actual fact their are only several thousand present; they show an “arab” guy dressed in arabic attire to show that Arabs have accepted their preposterous creed….to be honest I could go on, but due to the brevity of space, I will not…All following this man called Mirza!!!!

    In my view, as such, this man, Mirza is responsible for such sad events as the murders of these people. He fooled these people, peddled preposterous stories, created a modern-day version of a psuedo-religion, which it must be stated survives by compelling its fooled adherents into “sacrificing” their time and wealth to perpetuate the chap sitting on his “caliph’s” chair in London, at the behest of the UK government.His recent address to a parliamentary audience at westminster shows how clear and evident this sponsoring by the UK government is.

    Another point relating to Qadiani Scholars is the way they use scripture to “shoot” down all opposing views or views contrary to their view. However, one only need to quote a few choice paragraphs from Mirza himself and one can silence them in an instant.Infact quoting Rohaani Khazain is really fun because it reads like a defamation of character of Mirza’s own self!!!! It is so, so easy to silence Qadianis this way!!!

    Furthermore, if people realize, the Holy Koran is written in old Arabic, which is NOT in use now and has words and usages which the Qadianis try to “interpret” differently, which all fits into their convenient, prejudicial, corrupted, distorted view of Islam, NOT the message conveyed to us by the noblest and last of the prophets, Mohammed (m.p.b.h). Simply put Qadianis use semantics and attempt to “blind people with science” to confuse their own interpretation of orthodox Islam.

    The problem is that people like my self can use sound reasoning to dispel and destroy their pseudo-religion, but other jahil Muslims (and there are many..sadly) resort to heinous acts of violence to kill these people. That in its self is self defeating and to be condemned.

    The problem is that Qadianis need to also look at themselves and to analyse why they are being targeted and why they attract such scorn and ridicule. I think that their leaders are very clever mainpulators of the truth.

    I can share in this scorn and ridicule, but not at the expense of human life. However, so long as Allah Almighty gives me the strength to do so I will continue to oppose them vehemently and vigorously by use of the pen…ameen.


    Khorrum Shah

  13. Mr. Khorrum Shah. Your discussion on Ahmadis shows itself how much hatered you have developed for them. Your hatered has overwhelmed you so much that instead of giving your opinions on how two innocent lives were lost due to the ignorance of non-ahmadi muslims, you started explaining why YOU think ahmadis and founder of Ahmadiyyat are bad.

    Even if from the bottom of your heart you feel Ahmadis are wrong, this was not the platform to show your disgust at them. Please call spade a spade. Here you should have shared your opinions on how Prophet Muhammad (saw) disapproved the killings of any innocent, women and children, no matter if he is Ahmadi, Sikh, Hindu, Christian, or Jew.

  14. Regarding Mr. Rehan Ibrahim,

    He also tried to advocate Alim online and Geo through some
    soft talk. Truth is this that in the video it was clearly stated by Aamir Liaqat sb and other scholars that ahmadis are wajib ul katal. I have seen
    this program myself abroad. Also, Aamir Liaqat sb was suspended
    from his own organization MQM by Altaf Hussain Sb, who really took
    a bold step. This also shows that even MQM understands what message
    Aamir liaqat really tried to spread.

    Furthermore, Aamir liaqat addressing to ahmadis wrote in one newspaper column within next few days of this program that “get out of my sight, you don’t even have a right to exist”. He further added that if this is wrong then he will do it again. That person is so openly spreading hatered against ahmadis, but Geo and Rehan Sb, don’t think he did much wrong?

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