Abrar Ul Haq – King of Bhangra

Abrar Ul Haq

Abrar Ul Haq

Bhangra music was introduced in late 80’s when Indian music group ‘Alaap’ released its album featuring superhit song ‘Maar Chharrapa Pind Wich Aa Ja’. Pakistani bands performed this song in their concerts and it became a big hit. Later more Bhangra songs came from ‘Alaap’, Dalair Mehndi, Sukhbeer, ‘Jupiters’ and ‘String Fellows’. In mid 90’s a short statured boy entered the Pakistani pop music industry with a video ‘Bilo Dey Ghar’. The video was telecast in a pop music programme VJ.

The song was written, composed and sung wonderfully and in a few days it became the hittest Bhangra song in the history of Pakistan. Abrar Ul Haq was the vocalist, who got great popularity. His first album was released soon after this video and this album set new records of sale. Later Abrar released 4 more albums that all scored well. He sang many Bhangra songs and his songs became the most popular Bhangrra songs. Some of his hit numbers include ‘Cycle’, ‘Waan Kuttaya’, ‘Majajan’, ‘Punjabi Touch’, ‘Sachiaan Tey Koorrian’ and ‘Sanu Tere Naal’. Besides Bhangra songs he also sang some sweet melodious songs. His songs ‘December’, ‘Tere Rang Rang’ and ‘Dil Boley Boley’ also got great popularity.

Abrar was a teacher of Social Studies in Aitchson College, Lahore and he admits that he never thought of becoming a singer by career. After entring the music industry he had to leave teaching. Abrar is also a social worker, trying to help poor patients and he has set up a hospital in Narowal City in the memory of his late mother, where free treatment is provided to the poor patients. Abrar collects Zakaat from rich people and utilises the collected money for the treatment of poor patients who cannot afford the hospital expenses. Abrar is also running an NGO named as SAHARA, which is doing great job in helping the victoms of earthquake and other disastors. We wish him a great success in all of his endeavours.


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  1. salam pakistan
    thanks 4 giving such a nice information about abrar bhai. abrar bhai jutt feels proud on u because u deserve that i am sid a cool girl
    allah hafiz pakistan

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