Difference in Pakistani and UAE societies




Its very intersing to live in different countries as you learn lot of things in a very short time period. I have been living in Pakistan, England, Australia and UAE. England and Australia are developed non-Islamic states and cannot be compared with Pakistan in any case. However UAE is considered as the world leading developing country and as there are a large number of Pakistani and Indian expatriates working here, its society can be compared with that of Pakistan.



Here are some intersting and important facts about these societies: 

  • In Pakistan, people are socially more active as compare to UAE
  • In UAE, people are more disciplined as compare to Pakistan
  • In Pakistan, police is involved in corruption, whereas in UAE there is no such concept at all
  • In Pakistan, people in general follow Islamic values whereas in UAE (especially in Dubai) people are less adhered to the Islamic values and wine and other alcoholic drinks are easily available
  • Arabic people love their language and you will find all shops and businesses displaying their names both in Arabic and English
  • In Pakistan we feel shame in writing Urdu and on most of shops and businesses in cities you will find their names written in English only
  • In Pakistan public transport system is better as compare to UAE
  • In UAE there is lack of proper transport system. You have to depend mainly on the taxis that are less in number as compared to the demand
  • Arab people prefer to talk in Arabic with each other whereas in Pakistan, educated people prefer to talk in English
  • Local UAE people feel proud in wearing their traditional clothes, whereas Pakistani educated people like to wear European dresses
  • In UAE traffic moves on the right side of the road (left hand cars), whereas in Pakistan traffic moves on the left side of road (right hand cars)
  • In UAE there is no concept of electricity load shedding
  • In Pakistan you find more green areas as compared with UAE
  • In UAE more than 80% of the population comprises of the foreigners
  • In UAE no crimes are reported in the newspapers so that the foreigners feel comfortable in living and working here
  • In UAE in case of a road accident, people do not fight but wait for the police to come; whereas in Pakistan, people start fightnig with each other without waiting for the police
We as Pakistanis must learn good things from others to improve ourselves. We also should promote our good points so that other socities start looking us with respect.


  1. After going through your wonderful article about comparison in between UAE n PAKISTAN system culture n values, I reached at the point where I will have to say that both countries have some good n bad factors, some advantages and disadvantages, saying this will be better that WORLD is not perfect but can be made peaceful by the system through law n order, which is found in UAE but not exactly in PAKISTAN.
    No doubt UAE is the wonderful place having multiple nations from entire glob by demonstration of wonderful n peaceful life style; don’t be surprised by the people, those people who are looked very civilized actually not look like that, but there is a strict system behind the screen which is controlling to each one through law n order, so then all sort of kings of jungle are easily controlled. but when these peoples go back to their own countries they do the same what ever they find there, it means (Things go well first by the atmosphere, Environment, then comes in the LIVES then in HABBIT n then in NATURE, Habit convert in to the Nature then that Habit can not change the Nature, then Nature takes centuries to be changed again

    It’s a talent of tremendous policies by UAE rulers and their system which is handling different cultured people in their boundaries, where no way to escape or make excuses. Even though they have lots of difficulties with sensitive issues unexpected variations because of different humans from different part of the WORLD.

    Lets make a system in our COUNTRY too, but who will follow the rules?

  2. Well said Rashid! Apna mulk achha hee lagta hay. I miss Lahore a lot here in UAE. Its a great city. There is no place like DHA in UAE.

  3. i am looking for a person working in travel agency in dubai.his name is saad,mother name is Robina,he has five brothers nd 1 sister,they live in lahore some time before but now all the family live in dubai.saad signs the tickets of airlines .plz help me for looking that person.my phone no is 03446355711

  4. I want to add some more differences also:
    1. There is no Stikes as compare to pakistan and no any concept of strikes.
    2. There is no any religious objections, UAE government gave equal facilities to all religion person, Specialy All Mosques are very beautifull and airconditioned.
    3. Dubai Local Transport is world No.1 public transport.
    4.Dubai metro is also a very big name in public transport.
    5. People are more friendly in uae as compare to Pakistan.
    6. In Medical field Pakistan is the best as compare to UAE, Here more fees for doctors and medicine or tests are also too much expensive.
    7.Jobs availablity is too much better than Pakistan, In Pakistan if 100 Posts the applicant may be near or more than 100,000/- and in UAE if 100 the applcant Maximum will be 1000/-
    8.In UAE 195 Nationalities are staying and speaking there local languages and in Pakistan maximum 10 to 15 nationalities.
    9.Accomodation as compare to Pakistan is too much expensive in UAE. In Pakistan you can take one bedroom flate in 5000 to 10000 per month, on the other hand in UAE you can take it in 40,000 to 80,000/- as per city and location.
    etc etc………..

  5. pak pak pakistan…hope kisi din log kud ko pakistan sa compare karna pa khusi feel kare gey… hope hope hope ah ga koi jo iss mulk ko iss ki direction bteay ga k kis lia bana tha ya mulk aur kya kuch hai iss mai,,,, so plzz vote the right man,,,, ya nai dakhna k kisi khan ko dana hai ya chodry ko bss asey ko dana hai jo pakistan ka 50% he soch la

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