What a civilised society in Balochistan!


People protesting in Lahore against burying alive of five females in Balochistan Province

People protesting in Lahore against burying alive of five females in Balochistan Province

I was shocked to hear that five women; Ms. Fatima, wife of Umeed Ali Umrani, Jannat Bibi, wife of Qaiser Khan, Fauzia, daughter of Ata Mohammad Umrani, and two other girls, aged between 16 to 18 years; have been buried alive in Balochistan Province.

According to the reports, three of the girls wanted to marry the men of their choice. Their decision to have marriage in court was the result of several days of discussions with the elders of the tribe who refused them permission to marry. The names of two younger girls were not ascertained because of strong control of tribal leaders in the area.

As the news of their plans leaked out, Mr. Abdul Sattar Umrani, a brother of the minister, came with more than six persons and abducted them at gun points. They were taken in a Land Cruiser jeep, bearing a registration number plate of the Balochistan government, to another remote area, Nau Abadi, in the vicinity of Baba Kot. After reaching the deserted area of Nau Abadi, Abdul Sattar Umrani and his six companions took the three younger women out of the jeep and beat them before allegedly opening fire with their guns. The girls were seriously injured but were still alive at that moment. Sattar Umrani and his accomplices hurled them into a wide ditch and covered them with earth and stones. The two older women were an aunt of Fauzia and the other, the mother of one minor. When they protested and tried to stop the burial of the minors that were plainly alive, the attackers were so angry that they also pushed them into the ditch and buried all alive. After completing the burial, they fired several shots into to the air so that no one would come close.

The minors were educated and were studying in classes from 10 to 12. They were punished for trying to decide about their marriages. (Source: www.ahrchk.net). A Balochi Senator, Mr. Israr Ullah Zehri defented this brutal act in Senate by saying that it was in accordance with the Balochi cultural values, where women opting for marrying without their family’s will can be punished like this.

It is a matter of SHAME for us that in this time when we are facing hatred against Islam from the people of West, we are doing such things that show our cruel mentality. Is this the teaching of Islam? Did Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) allow to do such crimes? Why are we so cruel with our women who sacrifice throughout their lives for their male family members? Pakistan Government must take immediate steps to find and punish the culprits involved in this horrible crime, otherwise the society will be ruined.


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