Getting a driving license in Dubai

It was the morning of 25th August 2008. I was heading towards Belhasa Driving School, Jabel Ali branch in Dubai for appearing in my driving test. It was my 4th attempt. I had failed first three tests inspite of having 18 year driving experience in Pakistan.

At 8:15 we (four students) were asked to sit in the test car with our RTA (Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai) examiner. He took us for the test drive. I was given second number for driving. When first guy left the driving seat, the examiner gave him ‘Fail’ test sheet. I got disappointed as my previous experiences were also like this. Anyways, I decided to just drive without thinking anything. I drove confidently. The examiner passed me. I cannot express how happy and excited I felt in that time. Getting a license in Dubai is really a very difficult thing and people spend thousand of Dirhams for this purpose. After getting the same now I have decided that I must put some very important guidelines for those, who are applying or trying for Dubai driving license as I spent more than 5,000 UAE Dirhams on getting the license. So insha Allah within next few days I will upload a new page on this site, describing the most important things to consider while appearing in a test. I am hopeful that these guidelines will prove a very good help for all those who want to get this license.


One comment

  1. Salam friend,
    i am very happy to read this paragraph. May God bless you. your thinking is great. i am pakistani. May God succeed everyone who is applying and trying get license. ameen Plz tell us important things and tips about tests ok
    Your bother
    i want to come dubai for driving.
    but i listen get dubai license is very difficult but i also hear no thing difficult in this world (Agar Allah aur Rasol(SAW) hamary sath hai)

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